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Conscious Integration

Integration is the process of completing a whole, of bringing together the scattered pieces of your life's puzzle, to experience true peace and fulfillment.

In my Conscious Integration approach, I understand that the root of fear and pain is born in the perception of separation. My purpose is to guide you on the journey of reconnecting with yourself, fostering harmonious union between body, mind, and spirit.

Together, we discover unique strategies that align with your personal process. By merging different disciplines, we can synchronize your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Through my services, based on the Conscious Integration methodology, I offer you a unique approach to achieving the integral connection you are looking for. By merging my knowledge of Yoga, Psychotherapy, Engineering, human behavior, science, practical tools and experience, we explore your path from the opposites, building a personal balance that adapts to your uniqueness.

Each service is designed to guide you towards a lighter and more harmonious life, focusing on your personal transformation.

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In 1:1 Sessions

Individual Sessions: Your Space for Personal Growth

In our 1:1 sessions, we create a safe and confidential environment. Together, we explore your emotions without judgment, working to develop your personal awareness. I provide you with tools to integrate and balance your emotions in mind, body, and spirit.

Discover the transformative power of our individual sessions and move towards a more conscious and balanced life!

Online Course Academy:

Transform Your Life with Ease

In my academy, I offer you online courses where you will learn techniques and practices applicable to your daily routine. My approach is to guide you in the integration and cultivation of healthy habits in a simple and effective way for mind, body and spirit. The goal is for you to experience a positive transformation in your life and enjoy a deeper connection with yourself.

Discover the simplicity of changing your life with our online courses!

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Business Workshop:

“Balance in Action”

In my business workshop, “Balance in Action,” I aim to integrate healthy habits into the daily routine of each individual in organizations, companies, or projects. My goal is to promote excellence and well-being in work teams and in the workplace through practices that promote health and balance.

Discover how to transform your work environment with habits that boost performance and well-being!

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